Harvesting Potatoes in an Apartment

This week we harvested our potatoes.  It was so fun.  We live in an apartment so our way of harvesting potatoes may be a bit different than the traditional way, but just as delicious!

Here is where we planted our potatoes. The leaves have already died off.
We dumped our bag of potatoes in a large tub. That way we can save the soil for next year.
We had fun digging around to find the potatoes.
We found some really great potatoes in there. Some were big and some were little, but all were delicious!image
Check out all of our potatoes – All from only 6 small starter potatoes!
Let’s cook these yummy potatoes…
Add a little butter & salt…
Yum, yum, yum!

They were delicious! The skin was very thin and they were all golden and pretty too. We saved our little potatoes for seeds for next year.

Do you garden in an apartment? What sort of things do you grow? What are your favorite ways to garden?

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