Hike – a – thon




We went to the Miami University Hike-a-Thon.  We learned a lot of neat things such as how to play drums…684

And we got to race wearing a lot of really funny things …686 689 691

We looked at displays about nature …692

…and learned about Orienteering.  We even got to try!  695699698

We went hiking in the Miami Trail… 736

…and got to see wildlife from Hueston Woods Park…697

We learned a lot about different trees and then took a quiz.  We all got to choose a tree to take home and plant! 702 

We learned about the negative effects of the Emerald Ash Borer bug and we brought information home to learn more …705 

We had fun learning how to correctly use binoculars and bird watch…709

We tried different kinds of homemade pies, they were good!  715

We learned how pioneers cooked and made baking soda and lye… 720

We’re resting on the step of the log cabin…723

We learned how to make rag dolls and brought some home to make ourselves, they were really cute! 729

This is how corn used to be ground up for corn meal…735 

We checked out this neat well, It really works! 716

It’s been a while…

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted on the girls Homeschool Portfolio, but we have been learning and I have been taking pictures.  So I guess it’s time to get the girls portfolio updated now!

We’ve continued learning about the human body by reading fun books, lapbooking, and hands on learning.  Our life size models of our bodies are almost complete!


We only have bones and muscled left and our little bodies will be complete.  The girls are really learning a lot from this body study.  It’s crazy how you can think they’re not paying attention and later on they will tell you (and everyone else) how the food you eat is digested (and were it ends up – they think that’s really funny).

We are continuing to do the mini lapbooks along with the bodies.  The girls color and cut as we read books about the body part we’re learning about the day.  Next we do our mini lapbook and then we glue our new body part on our bodies.


Along with learning about the body Xandra has been practicing sight words and reading as well as counting and math.

Xandra has been using these games and activities for learning:

- Dinosaur Dolch Words

- Alphabet Cover Up!

- Dinosaur Detection

- Sentence Builder card game

As well as other activities and games not listed.  All of Naomi’s games for 2 or more people were also played with Xandra, they are marked with a *.


Look at the first picture of Xandra.  Naomi is throwing a temper tantrum, lol.

Naomi has been practicing the Alphabet (phonics, sounds, etc.) as well as counting and math.


Naomi has been using these games and activities for learning”

- Alphabet Cookie Game *

- Alphabet Uno *

- Alphabet Dominoes *

- I have, Who has for the alphabet *

- Alphabet Cover Up! *

- Busy Alphabet Beavers *

- Line Up for Recess *

- Capital Letter Quilt *

- Acorn Alphabet Matching – Mixed!

- Alphabet Acorns! Alphabetical Order

- Sky Writers *

- Ship Shape Letters *

- Counting Apples

- Apple Numbers

- Counting Sheep *

- Alphabet Acorns Matching!

Along with learning about the above we always start the day with journaling and calendar time.  Reading books and chores are also part of the day.

We’ve been doing our usual hiking, soon we’ll have done all of the Miami University Trails.


We just went on a field trip recently to Fort Ancient to learn about the Native Americans who lived here long ago.  We had a lot of fun and got to learn a lot.  There were a lot of hands on activities as well as hiking and outdoors things to discover.  The learned a lot and told the family all about how the native Americans “traveled to the US a long time ago on the giant ice bridge.” LOL, it was cute.


It’s been a while but I think I’ve covered a lot of it.  Now it’s off to the shower and then learning time!





Our Body – life sized learning

Today we continued our learning outside.  Whoa, it’s super hot today!

Today Xandra mastered shoe tying today.


I know you’re probably thinking “why is a 9 year old just now learning to tie her shoes?”  Well, I really don’t have a good reason, but I do have a reason.  My reason?  It just never crossed my mind teach her.  I wear flats, flip flops, and crocs and so do my girls, so we never needed to tie our shoes.  I didn’t think about it until my 6 year old niece came and showed me how she can tie her shoes.  Oh well, better later than never!

We continued working on our All About Me books today.  Naomi  has finished hers but Xandra is still working  on hers.


After we worked on our Days of the week, shoe tying, All About Me, and read books about the brain, We worked on another really cute mini lapbook about the brain.  I can’t believe I didn’t discover lapbooking sooner!  It’s so much fun!


When we were finished with our lapbooks we worked on our life sized models and made a life size brain for our bodies.  They are hung in our hallway.


We had a really fun, educational day.  What did you learn today?

School in September is fun!

We went outside for school again yesterday.  I love learning outside.  I feel so much happier and it's so much more fun.  We will really miss doing our schooling outside once the weather gets really cold.  I think we had a great learning day. We learned about what we should do if a neighbors house is on fire.
We practiced the days of the week by putting these cute free days of the week labels from Teacher Pay Teachers in order and mixing them up again.
We continued learning about our bodies and how they work by reading these cute books we got from the library.

They fit in nicely with our body unit we’re working on.
After reading we worked on this really cute mini lap book from CurrClick The girls loved it.


We finished our day with a fun experiment about how food is digested found in here http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1561895016/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

We mixed different foods in glasses of water and hypothesized what food would be “digested” easiest in the water. We mixed it and let it sit while we went to the movies. When we came back we looked at our experiment to see which was “digested” best in the water.

They digested in this order from best to worst:

1) Maple syrup
2) Powered milk
3) Peanut Butter (this one looked really gross!)

We had another great day and I’m looking forward to more!

What did you do for school today?

Back to school!

Today was our first day “Back to School” and it was a great day.  We took “school” outside and had a lot of fun.


We wrote in our journals and our “All About Me” books.

We learned about how to stay safe in case of a home fire

Pretty Girls…
Crazy Girls…

We worked on tying shoes

Putting together skeletons


We did an experiment to see if we are right or left brain (we’re all left brained).

Tomorrow we are going to continue learning about the human body, tying shoes, and working on our “All About Me” books.

We always work on fun things and life skill during our first week of the new year (we “do school” all year long but the “new year” start in September). Next week we’ll start back to the things we left off of before the move.

How do you start your new school year off?

Harvesting Potatoes in an Apartment

This week we harvested our potatoes.  It was so fun.  We live in an apartment so our way of harvesting potatoes may be a bit different than the traditional way, but just as delicious!

Here is where we planted our potatoes. The leaves have already died off.
We dumped our bag of potatoes in a large tub. That way we can save the soil for next year.
We had fun digging around to find the potatoes.
We found some really great potatoes in there. Some were big and some were little, but all were delicious!image
Check out all of our potatoes – All from only 6 small starter potatoes!
Let’s cook these yummy potatoes…
Add a little butter & salt…
Yum, yum, yum!

They were delicious! The skin was very thin and they were all golden and pretty too. We saved our little potatoes for seeds for next year.

Do you garden in an apartment? What sort of things do you grow? What are your favorite ways to garden?

Moved in and ready to learn!

Finally we’re moved in and settled! It took a while and there are a few things still in boxes, but for the most part we’re finished. I previously mentioned that we moved from a 3 bedroom townhouse with 2 bathrooms and a garage into a 2 bedroom duplex with 1 bathroom and no garage. We did need to do a lot of consolidating, downsizing, and donating in order to fit in here, but it was well worth it. We love it here. Now that we’re all settled and I can actually get to our school supplies we can start learning again. We set up our learning area in the living room. I personally think it’s super cute, but you can let me know what you think. We don’t do all of our learning in this area but having someplace that we can spread out supplies, books, and projects and not worry about having to clean them up before dinner is great. Let me take you on a tour of our learning area.





Calendar area:

Daily work and chore and reading charts:

Cost for this awesome leaning area (not counting school supplies)? $10.00!

The large table is my craft table from my old craft room. The turquoise shelf I found on the side of the road (it’s actually a floor shelf but I repurposed it). The chalk board my grandma got at a thrift store and gave it to us. The calendar and clip board were from the dollar tree at well as the colorful baskets for holding learning activities. Everything else was from other parts of the home.

What is your learning area or homeschool classroom like? Do ours share any similarities?